Our Dogs
Registered Name:  Studley Hill’s Louisiana Lucy
Call Name:   Lucy
Lucy is our pride and joy. She is an AKC purebred golden retriever known to many local adults and children for her gentleness, calm demeanor, and loving nature. Lucy is an accomplished retriever: she has received several awards and recognition for her service work in providing Animal-Assisted Therapy to local University students. She is currently undergoing training to become a certified Therapy Dog, and is soon expected to take her certifying exam for AKC Canine Good Citizen as well. Lucy has a great “off-switch”, which makes her a wonderful companion, service dog, and overall family pet. Children and puppies are her absolute favorite! Lucy is certified AKC, and has been cleared by Embark genetic testing for over 200 known heritable conditions. She has also been cleared for OFA hips, elbows, eyes and heart. She enjoys snuggling on the couch and especially loves going for long walks in the woods. Lucy’s father’s side has demonstrated good skill with hunting waterfowl. We couldn’t be more proud to have a retriever like Lucy in our breeding program.
Date of Birth:   4/25/2021
Coat:   Dark Golden
Weight:   50 lbs
Registration:   SS26085302
Genetic Health Status
prcd-PRA:   Clear through Embark
PRA1:   Clear through Embark
PRA2:   Clear through Embark
Ichthyosis:   Clear through Embark
DM:   Clear through Embark
NCL:   Clear through Embark
Structural Health Status:
Hip:   OFA Fair
Elbows:   OFA Normal
Eyes:   OFA Normal
Heart (Ausc+Echo):   OFA Normal
Registered Name:   Studley Hill’s Sunday Morning Sunrise
Call Name:   Sunday
Sunday is, well, a ray of sunshine! She is quite literally the personification of a warm, sunny afternoon – hence why we call her our “Sunny”. Sunday comes from a very good bloodline with champions in both parental lineages! We are hopeful that she will become a part of our Therapy Dog program, and she is currently working up the ranks through obedience courses at our local canine club. Lucy is still young, so she won’t be having any puppies for a long while until she becomes of age & when her health clearances are officially done.
Date of Birth:   8/21/2022
Coat:   Medium Golden
Weight:   50 lbs (current)
Registration:   SS36194701
Genetic Health Status
Embark Tests Pending
prcd-PRA:   Clear by parentage
PRA1:  Clear by parentage
PRA2:   Clear by parentage
ICT:   Clear by parentage
DM:   Clear by parentage
NCL:   Clear by parentage
Structural Health Status:
Hip:   OFA Prelim. Good
Elbows:   OFA Prelim. Normal
Eyes:   Pending
Heart (Ausc+Echo):   Pending
Registered Name:   Sven Theodore Rondaxe of Studley Hill
Call Name:   Sven
Sven Theodore, or "Teddy", as we call him - a genuine love sponge and an absolute ham! He is the quintessential golden retriever. We admire his friendly disposition, gentle nature, and eagerness to please. He has an excellent drive to work yet a great "off" switch as well. Sven is very gentle with children and the elderly alike. He takes his job as a therapy dog very seriously, and has this uncanny ability to sense others' emotional needs. We are excited to share Sven's good nature with others!
Date of Birth:   03/09/2020
Coat:   Medium Golden
Weight:   75 lbs
Registration:   SS17349701
Genetic Health Status
prcd-PRA:   Clear by Embark
PRA1:   Clear by Embark
PRA2:   Clear by Embark
ICT:   Clear by Embark
DM:   Clear by Embark
NCL:   Clear by Embark
Structural Health Status:
Hip:   OFA Good
Elbows:   OFA Normal
Eyes:   OFA Normal